The Seattle Pizza Coalition’s 2017 Pizza Resolutions

Well we’re nine months into our first year of pizza consuming. While there are no pizza babies on the way, it’s still a good time to plan for our pizza future. Here are a few of our Seattle pizza priorities for 2017.

Eat pizza at Southpaw as soon as possible

Opened in December 2016, Southpaw in Capitol Hill looks like it could be a contender for some of our favourite pizza in the city so far. While it’s cooked in a wood oven, this pizza is designed to be sturdy enough to hold quite a few toppings. Sounds like a dream. What’s more, the menu looks like it will please pizza traditionalists (us) and adventure pizza eaters (most of the other people we know) at the same time.

Get our butts over to the East Side

It’s been 9 months of pizza eating and the poor east side is just sitting there on our pizza map forever alone. Kerri recently loved what she tasted at Vivo 53 in Bellevue and we’ve heard good things about Resonate Brewery+Pizzeria and The Pizza Coop & Ale House. Do you have a favourite pizza restaurant in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond or anything in between? Let us know and let’s make a date.

Grab a water taxi to Pizzeria 22 and other West Seattle favourites

We loved Pizzeria Credo and feel sad for neglecting the rest of the West Seattle area so badly in 2016. This year, we’re going to make it up with visits to Pizzeria 22, Talarico’s, and more.

A pilgrimage to the birthplace of pizza

Thanks to some crafty deal tracking by Kerri, The Seattle Pizza Coalition is excited to announce that we’ll be headed to Naples, Italy in April! This education in pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (we hope) will help us better put Seattle pizzas to the test after we’ve tasted pizza direct from its birthplace right below the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.

Try a slice at Big Mario’s

A little closer to home, Big Mario’s is a spot we always have on our list but we haven’t been able to find a time to eat there just yet. Will it knock our socks off as the best NY-style in the city? Will we be able to finish a whole pie?

Plan pizza meetings in advance

Always wanted to join a Seattle Pizza Coalition Pizza meeting but we keep inviting you without enough notice? We’re going to get an internal calendar going to make sure there’s more likelihood you can join us at the table. Want to come taste and chat pizza with us on an awkward pizza date? Give us a shout here or on Facebook.


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