What will you do if you run out of pizza restaurants?

We don’t expect to run out of pizza restaurants. If we do, we will return to our favourites to make sure they’re still keeping up the good work.

What if a restaurant serves pizza but has other food too?

For us to hold an official pizza meeting in a restaurant that is more than a pizzeria, it has to have the word “pizza” in either its name or description. Or they have to carry on about how amazing their pizza oven is.

What about calzones?

This is the Seattle Pizza Coalition, not the Seattle Pizza-Folded-In-Half Coalition.

What about white pizzas? 

We don’t have time for those.

Can I recommend a restaurant in my neighbourhood?

Sure! Facebook is probably the best way to reach us.

How do you choose your next restaurant?

On like Monday or Wednesday we ask ourselves if we’re craving American pizza or European pizza and then Google Map spots that look convenient. We also use the VPN site for inspiration when we want to check another one off the list. Sometimes we listen to the opinions of others.

Who are the guest commentators?

Guest commentators are members of an exclusive club who have proven they have valuable and profound pizza opinions. They should also like wine. We try to vary the group so that they come from different states and pizza perspectives.

Why do you post photos of yourself with the pizza? I don’t care what you look like.

So that you can look at our tired/angry/happy/sad faces and see if you think our mood at the time of eating affected our review.

What about delivery?

While most of the time we’re advocates of brick oven-to-plate dining, we appreciate that some pizzas can taste better out of a box.

“If I touch my phone in the right places, pizza will show up at my front door.” – Anna Kendrick