Cornuto by Via Tribunali (Greenwood)

After a few weeks of New York and Chicago-style pizza, we were in the mood for a Neapolitan style pizza again.┬áIt was a perfect time to check another VPN-certified pizzeria off the list. With Kerri’s sister in tow, we cruised the Mini on up to Greenwood to Cornuto. They’re another venture by Via Tribunali and … More Cornuto by Via Tribunali (Greenwood)


Paxti’s (Ballard)

After three months of pizza tastings, it was time to branch out from our usual New York or Neapolitan style pizzas and head over to Chicago. There aren’t a huge amount of Chicago-style pizzerias in Seattle, but we’re starting to hear about them more and more. Maybe they’re like the new cupcake or macaron. We … More Paxti’s (Ballard)

Rocco’s (Belltown)

On a sunny day in early May, Kerri declared a pizza meeting at Rocco’s in Belltown due to its proximity to a concert that night. With some friends visiting from the East Coast, she chose wisely and impressed both of them with this classy spot that’s home to tasty wine and cocktails in addition to some of our favorite New York Style pizza to date. … More Rocco’s (Belltown)