Delancey (Ballard)

Delancey is home to a style of pizza that we call somewhere in between American and Italian. We’ve seen reviews that refer to it as NY pizza – which is so wrong – but it’s wood-fired preparation gives it the classic Neapolitan feel. As we typically find ourselves in the mood for either American or Italian, we were disappointed to find that Delancey was a smidge too American-style to satisfy our Italian pizza cravings. … More Delancey (Ballard)

Via Tribunali (Fremont Avenue)

We each chose a Margherita pizza, mine with buffalo mozzarella and Sara’s with fresh mozzarella. (What’s the difference? Buffalo comes from a water buffalo and fresh comes from a cow. Learn more here.) These pizzas are essentially our base pizzas for the Italian VPN category – although we tried to remain unbiased, it was hard not to have one to compare against. … More Via Tribunali (Fremont Avenue)