Grading Scale

Our Grading System

While we like and appreciate all pizza, we love some Seattle pizzas more than others. Here’s a guide to our grading system so that we can keep track of our favourites. We grade on a scale of 1-5, and focus on the pizza only, not the restaurant. A pizza that earns a 4 is a great pizza. A pizza that earns a 5 is possibly the best pizza you’ve ever had.

Our base Neapolitan style pizza is a plain ol’ Margherita, and we order some sort of pepperoni pizza to judge the American-style ones.

How did it taste and was it easy to wrangle?

How likely would you be to eat this with a spoon?

Was there too much or too little cheese? Was it gross when it cooled down?

Toppings Ratio
Was there enough of everything? Was anything too overpowering?

Is this a pizza you could afford to make a habit?

This is how all of the above comes together, and can include the restaurant and ambiance.

Total Rating
How does this pizza compare to my favourite in the world?



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