About Us

photo by @hellokelinda

The Seattle Pizza Coalition is obviously a blog about pizza in Seattle.

About a year after meeting while burning Guy Fawkes effigies at a Golden Gardens bonfire, Kerri and Sara started the Seattle Pizza Coalition to provide a Friday evening catch up that involved wine and still let them go home early after a long week at work.

Upon moving to Seattle, they were both pretty surprised to discover the city was home to an impressive amount of great pizza. Their curiosity was further piqued by a pub trivia question that referenced Seattle being home to more VPN certified pizzerias than anywhere else in the US. They figured out what VPN meant and a quest to eat all the pizza (certified or not) was born.

Friday Pizza Coalition meetings have given them a chance to explore the city on their own pizza trail and get a taste of neighbourhoods they might not have otherwise found themselves visiting. After a few months of making notes on an iphone and sharing weekly Facebook photos, they had eaten too much pizza to keep track of and started a blog to share their favourites with anyone who cared.

Meet Sara

photo by @hellokelinda

Sara is one of those Southern Californians taking over the city but tries not to be too annoying. She landed in Seattle by way of Boston and Sydney about 3 years ago and chose the city because of how many weekend adventures were just outside. She’s a big fan of Seattle’s urban wineries and the birds that hang out on her patio. She does not like driving and is working on memorizing every English monarch in chronological order.

Sara’s big claim to fame is her world-renowned quokka video, which has amassed over 560k views on YouTube.

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Meet Kerri

13263939_10100346940515397_1256215027604732115_nKerri is a second generation Italian-American with high pizza standards, who grew up in Rhode Island, surrounded by some of the greatest pizza states. After spending a year abroad in London, Kerri sought out another new adventure in Seattle about 3 years ago, simply because the weather and personalities reminded her of the Brits. Her pizza expectations for the West Coast started low, but have quickly risen thanks to the meetings of the coalition. When she’s not eating a delicious pepperoni ‘za, she’s catching a band at a local Seattle venue or playing with her adorable poodle Molly.

Look familiar? You may remember Kerri from her years behind Tequila Tuesday, may it rest in peace.

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