Delancey (Ballard)

IMG_6422Delancey is often heralded among the best pizza restaurants in Seattle. It’s a small spot in Ballard, and it’s popularity is impossible to argue, when you are greeted with hours long wait times. Luckily, something about Kerri’s awkward waiting around and general lack of emotional stability that day must have worked with the hostess, as we were seated within 30 minutes of arrival.

Delancey is home to a style of pizza that we call somewhere in between American and Italian. We’ve seen reviews that refer to it as NY pizza – which is so wrong – but it’s wood-fired preparation gives it the classic Neapolitan feel. As we typically find ourselves in the mood for either American or Italian, we were disappointed to find that Delancey was a smidge too American-style to satisfy our Italian pizza cravings. But, on the plus side, it was the perfect cure for Kerri’s hangover, so there’s that.

delancyFor this pizza visit, we each went with a traditional Margherita pizza (the first few pizza meetings had to be meat-free due to it being Lent). Sara thought it was a good pizza, and she liked that it stayed together better than some of the traditional Italian counterparts. As usual, she wished there had been more basil in manageable chunks. The cheese was good here and she liked that it had little burn blisters on it. The pizza tasted different somehow and she thought it was a good option for a heartier version of a Margherita but didn’t cure her craving for an Italian one. But, she did claim that she could eat another for dessert.

Kerri was mostly really excited about this pizza curing her hangover, after a long and emotionally draining day.  She found the sauce to be especially delicious, and thought the cheese was good but didn’t compare to Via Tribunali. Not always a fan of all crusts, she found this one delicious enough to eat the whole thing.

Combined, we rated this pizza a 3.5 out of 5. We’d go back, but probably with a reservation.

NEWSFLASH! It’s a 4 out of 5 now! Updated review here.


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