Frelard Pizza Company (Fremont/ Ballard)

IMG_6542 This was not our first visit to Frelard Pizza Company, an outpost of Ballard Pizza Company. With ample outdoor seating and a fire pit, it’s a great summer spot. FPC serves NY-style pizza by the slice or pie, and has local wine and beer available. On prior visits, we’ve tried the slices, but every pizza expert knows you need the whole pie to truly judge – you can’t really critique a place on the pizza that sits around all day and gets reheated. That being said, we didn’t hate the slices we had eaten before, so we had pretty high hopes.

photo by @hellokelinda

Unfortunately, our visit to FPC fell in the early spring, so while it was unseasonably warm during the day, as the night went on and cooled down, it was hard to keep our two giant pizzas warm enough. Not every pizza can withstand the “cool down” and maintain it’s delicousness, leaving us to believe that maybe, for once, this is a place where slices are actually better.

We went pretty hard on variety for this visit, ordering two large pizzas – 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 pepperoni & pineapple, 1/2 parma, and 1/2 sausage with fennel and onion. Sara thought it was drier than she’d like,  but enjoyed the atmosphere and sampling lots of options. She liked pineapple and pepperoni the best – she always does.

frelardKerri’s a big fan of FPC, simply for the ambiance alone. She noted that the hard part of being early spring is its a race against the clock to keep the pizza warm. A pizza traditionalist, the pepperoni was definitely her favorite – she just wished she could have kept it warmed longer.

We had two special guest commentators join us this evening, and for the first time, collected their opinions as well. Amy, our resident photographer (you’ll see some of her shots throughout the site) and dino-lover, said “It’s one of the better places I’ve been to.” Adrian, our token Aussie and Sara’s other half, simply claimed “It’s alright.”

We gave Frelard Pizza Company a 3.5 out of 5.


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