Alberona’s Delivery (Fremont)

IMG_6570Here at the Coalition, we make a point to have a meeting every Friday night to eat pizza. But sometimes, life gets in the way. (Kerri had a sailing class.) So we decided instead, to have an al fresco lunch break in Kerri’s backyard, featuring delivery from Alberona’s Pizza & Pasta.

Alberona’s was good as far as delivery goes, and the crust was deliciously fresh and fluffy. We went with a large, half pepperoni and half Canadian bacon, pineapple, and green peppers for $24. Putting the cheese over the abundant toppings made it a bit difficult to manage, and leaving the utensils inside the apartment was a poor decision. It was a tad expensive for what it is was, but we wouldn’t rule out eating it again.

Kerri though this was good for delivery pizza., and liked the surprise and delight element of putting the pepperoni under the cheese, but it made the pizza fall apart too easily. Even though it’s not meant to be fork and knife pizza, she thought it was so messy it almost needed to be.

albSara believed this was a good pizza party pizza and would have appreciated it if someone gave it to her in a social setting. However, the cheese once cooled was like biting into haloumi which she did not enjoy. She thought the toppings were generous and the whole pizza was flavorful. It wasn’t her favorite but she said she’d eat it and enjoy it if she was hungry for greasy food.

Overall, delivery pizza can be hard to review because of the many variables involved, but it is possible to achieve delivery greatness. Alberona’s did not do that, but they did at least get us our pizza fix on a busy friday. We gave Alberona’s a 2.5 out of 5.


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