Veraci (Ballard)

IMG_6640Veraci Pizza calls itself a “traveling” pizza company, that can be found at farmer’s markets and events around the PNW in addition to it’s stationary restaurants in Seattle and Spokane. We visited the Ballard area outpost, and were met with a no-nonsense, no-frills pizza joint. It’s an ideal spot for take-away or a quick bite, but not necessarily the sort of place you’d spend a leisurely evening in. There was also a random dinosaur toy at our table, which we weren’t sure if was on purpose or left behind by a child, but either way, we took advantage. But we came here to discuss the pizza.

We ordered two large pizzas at Veraci, a Margherita and a pepperoni. We enjoyed this pizza, and would eat it again, but as Sara said, it’s a better “afternoon pizza.” The thin crust allowed us to eat more, but couldn’t really support the toppings well. We were split on the basil, as we usually are, which Kerri could live with less of and Sara was quite pleased with.

veraciOverall, Kerri thought this was pretty great pizza. It was little overwhelming on the basil/spices but that’s just her palate. The pepperoni was just the right amount of spicy but it was also overwhelmingly greasy. The value was definitely  good and due to the thinner crust, she ate enough to forget how many slices she even had.

Sara liked this pizza though it wasn’t the best she’s had. She was a much bigger fan of the Margherita than the pepperoni. Sara thought that because of the thin crust, the pizzas can risk being too greasy which might be better with a thicker crust, but the Marg was less greasy than the pepperoni. Sara enjoyed the generous helping of basil that is quite stingy at most restaurants, and she also enjoyed the sauce.

IMG_6642We were joined by two guest commentators at Veraci. Adrian vouched for his “hipster pizza,” saying “I’ve got to preface this with…I’ve got a weird pizza, but it’s come together well.” Charlotte, our resident Brit, and who also joined us for our very first coalition meeting, was pleased with the toppings ratio, claiming “It was the Goldilocks of pepperoni pizza.”

We gave Veraci a 3 out of 5.



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