Cornuto by Via Tribunali (Greenwood)

After a few weeks of New York and Chicago-style pizza, we were in the mood for a Neapolitan style pizza again. It was a perfect time to check another VPN-certified pizzeria off the list. With Kerri’s sister in tow, we cruised the Mini on up to Greenwood to Cornuto. They’re another venture by Via Tribunali and pride themselves on the bricks in their oven coming from the ashes of Vesuvius — perfect if you enjoy eating archaeology.


We enjoyed this pizza, but still prefer the original experience at Via Tribunali. We both lacked basil, but enjoyed the crust and flavorful sauce.

13263939_10100346940515397_1256215027604732115_nKerri (Parma) was full of compliments for the outer crust as it was soft and not too burnt. But the center was much too flimsy and soft. The sauce and the parma were delicious, but the basil was few and far between (harsh criticism from someone who barely even likes basil). The pizza got cold quickly, which annoyed her at first, but then it somehow got better. She found it to be a pretty great pizza, but not as great as the first SPC meeting at Via Tribunali.

Meanwhile, Sara (Salsiccia) was more distracted by trying to figure out how this restaurant was different to Via Tribunali. She enjoyed the pizza overall, but especially loved the rare bits with basil. She also found the pizza a little dry sauce-wise. Cheese here somehow feels more plastic when cooled than it did at Via Tribunali, which is odd because it’s probably the same cheese at every restaurant. Like regular Via Tribunali, she found this pizza a little pricey. It’s a good pizza, a great pizza when you’re starved and a good, casual vibe. She’d come back if she was in the neighbourhood. Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.18.54 PM

“It’s too much money for what it is, but if the sauce were a house, I would move into it.” – Jamie Coletta, guest commentator.

It’s a little too expensive to make a habit, but we’d probably come back. We give this pizza a 3.5 out of 5.



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