Ballard Pizza Company (Ballard)

IMG_7468This pizza meeting was a meeting full of emotion and expectations. Ballard Pizza Co. has long been Sara’s favourite in Seattle, and she still holds true to the fact that it is better than Frelard, despite them being under the same ownership. Kerri entered this pizza meeting after a few days of heartbreak-induced starvation, and was mostly trying not to get tears on her pizza. Needless to say, the stage was set for either a great pizza meeting, or a disaster.

Luckily, this meeting was great. The wine was flowing and the pizza was as good as Sara always said. We ordered our usual half pepperoni, half pepperoni, pineapple, and bell peppers, and ended up liking it more than Frelard, primarily because eating indoors preserved the pizza’s warmth and flavour significantly betterballard.

Sara found the pizza on this visit not as good as usual, as it needed more peppers, sauce, and general fluffiness, but it still remains one of her favourites in Seattle. She claims that she can eat about 18 slices, and it tastes so fresh that you don’t get uncomfortably full. (This theory has yet to be proven. Stay tuned.)

IMG_7456Kerri had a hard time separating her emotions from her pizza, but she still thought it was great. She powered through and ate a few slices, despite having no appetite, because it was just that good. She thought the toppings were tasty and well distributed, even on Sara’s more adventurous half. And at the end of the day, the best thing about this pizza, and all pizza, is that it will never ever break your heart.

Our guest commentators for the night came from near and far – Tom all the way from London, and Johnnie from right here in Seattle. Tom ate no pizza, so his commentary isn’t very helpful, but he was a lovely guest nonetheless.

“I’d eat it again…if someone gave it to me.” – Johnnie, guest commentator
“If I was hungry…” – Tom, guest commentator

We gave this pizza a 4 out of 5.



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