Olympia Pizza and Spaghetti House (Queen Anne)

This week, we moved pizza up to Thursday because Friday was just too far away. We decided to declare a meeting at Olympia Pizza and Spaghetti House in Queen Anne, a Greek pizzeria that Sara walks by and has always been curious to try. It’s been serving pizza in Seattle for over 30 years and has very welcoming staff. We were joined by Seattle Grizzlies WAG and first time guest reviewer Shaun.

Glasses of wine in hand, we ordered a large half pepperoni and half pepperoni, pineapple, and bell pepper completely forgetting that Shaun thinks bell peppers taste like dirt.


According to Wikipedia, Greek pizza refers to a style of pizza that’s popular with the Greek immigrant community and is baked in a pan, rather than directly on bricks in an oven. The result is a much different, fluffier crust texture. The sauce is also heavier on the tomato paste than crushed tomatoes which makes it much thicker and tangier and filled with oregano than its Italian counterpart. Greek pizzas commonly have cheese on top of the toppings, so it can look a little monochromatic when it lands on your table. Here’s some interesting information about how it came to be if we haven’t bored you already.

To us, the pizza was alright, the sauce was a bit much to Kerri and the cheese became less enjoyable as it cooled down. We’ve decided that Greek pizza might not be what we crave, but it was still a good pizza.


Kerri found the sauce overwhelming, but got used to it midway through the slice. However, the crust was pretty tasty. She’s not a huge fan of the cheese over the toppings (she likes to taste the pepperoni a bit more), but also liked that it was packed with toppings that helped to tone down the sauce. She thinks she’d be likely to order it as delivery if she lived closer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.45.22 PM

Sara is also learning a lot about Greek Pizza and still deciding if it’s her thing. Always a cheese skeptic, Greek pizza can seem like it has more cheese than she can handle (sometimes with cheddar mixed in) and she can get kind of grossed out when it cools down. Fresh out of the oven, she liked this pizza because it tasted like the birthday party pizzas of her youth. But the cooled cheese struck again after about slice number two. She liked the sauce and it didn’t strike her as distracting like it did for the other girls because she has rarely met a tomato-based sauce she didn’t like. The toppings were plentiful!

For guest reviewer Shaun, this pie reminded her of the pizza restaurant she used to work at back in Texas. But “It was smaller than I expected.” #‎thatswhatshesaid‬

This pizza came in at 2.5 out of 5 for us, but if you love cheese, it’ll probably rank much higher for you!


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