Serious Pie & Biscuit (Westlake)

We haven’t been avoiding Seattle’s famous Serious Pie on purpose, but it does sometimes take us awhile to warm up to hyped up places. I have a lot of trouble taking advice from others and we’ve been having a good streak with spots that fly a little under the radar lately anyhow. But since it was getting to the point where not yet officially eating at Serious Pie was starting to shock a lot of people we were talking to, we decided to make this icon our first pizza stop in 2017.15844684_1898748027014138_8583404853527451213_o

We’ve both been to the occasional Tom Douglas restaurant in the past, but I’ll be honest, my main association when I think of Tom Douglas is the delicious looking Hawaiian-inspired Alaska Airlines in-flight meals he designed that taunt me on every single flight. AND how the few times I’ve flown the Hawaii route, my departure time been too early to order the damn things by no more than 15 minutes. Finally a Tom Douglas meal that wouldn’t be a tease.

As pizza traditionalists in an inventive/ artisanal world, we ordered our usual margheritas ($17) and also branched out to sample clam and mushroom pizzas selected by our special guests (both $19). Overall, the pizza was good – tasty sauce, fresh mozzarella, and delicious seasoning.  But because we both felt like we needed another pizza to be full, it lost some value points for us.

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil

To Kerri, the sauce stood out first as sweet and tasty. Buffalo mozzerella is her favorite so of course she loved that, but was left craving more cheese. High marks from her as well for the sprinkles of seasoning that added a bit of a salty kick. But at $17, she found it to be a lot of money for not a lot of pizza.

What I loved most about this pizza was the thin seasoned crust (aka green sprinklies), but I had to agree with Kerri that this was more of a snack pizza for us. It sure didn’t weigh us down or put us into pizza comas. I found the Margherita incredibly fresh and I loved the bright sauce. More noteworthy: I tried a clam pizza and surprisingly didn’t hate it… though it was pretty salty. However, these pizzas lost points in value and it weren’t as satisfying as others we had. A great pizza for adventure pizza eaters but doesn’t top our other front runners so far.

Penn cove clams, pancetta tesa, lemon thyme

Special guest Meagan recommends starting on the clam pizza before trying the tomato-based ones here. “I didn’t think I’d like seafood on pizza, but I do,” she said. Sarah compared her mushroom pizza to her recent vacation to Cabo. “It was good but I wouldn’t come back again,” she said.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-3-44-35-pmSerious Pie follows our trend of us liking Seattle’s hidden gems more than the national favorites, but we believe it was still a pretty good pizza at a 3.75.


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