Bambino’s (Belltown)

All week Seattle had been warned that the storm of the century was rolling in and Friday would be the calm in between the two storms. Convenient– that’s when we have pizza meetings. On our list for awhile, Bambino’s in Belltown was the perfect pick because it was easy for everyone to get to and would break up our recent Neapolitan bender with some nice thin crust American style.fullsizerender-3

We were seated in the corner of two large windows, and after much discussion about 10 inch pizza (too small?) vs. 16 inch pizzas (too large?), all four women each ordered a large pizza so that we didn’t have to A. compromise on toppings and B. didn’t have to risk still wanting more pizza if a 10 inch pizza was too small.

Like the weather forecast, our judgement was slightly off and our server and most of the restaurant found it pretty hilarious when four family sized pizzas landed at the table. The pedestrians cruising by our pizza gallery windows were just as amused. A few stopped to gawk and some stopped to wave. Some kept walking only to return five minutes later and order the same meal for themselves.

“This looks like it might have been an accident, but it was 100% intentional.”- Nicole

Bambino’s calls itself an “East Coast Pizzeria,” but like our other favourite New World Style, we had some trouble placing this. The incredibly fresh mozzarella and abundant toppings set it apart from any other “East Coast” styles we’ve encountered. We don’t know how to officially categorize this pizza, but we know that we loved it and believe it to be our favourite “New World” style pizza in Seattle to date.

Kerri was really really happy with her pepperoni pizza ($16). She found it to be a nice mix between Italian and American styles and appreciated that they gave her an option to order a light crust. The tiny pepperoni bowls were perfectly arranged and delicious. The abundance and flavor of the cheese was exactly what she loves. She found the staff and regulars’ reaction to our ordering decisions delightful and this pizza was good enough to make her want to take home tons of leftovers.


I thought this was a pretty good American style pizza (pepperoni, pineapple, bell pepper- $20). It was a little greasy but I still enjoyed it, and was excited for a palate cleanse after our recent Neapolitan kick. The fresh mozzarella set this pizza apart from some of the other American style ones we’ve had and the colourful abundance of toppings made it taste incredibly fresh. Plus, a bell pepper pizza that comes with two kinds of peppers? Amazing!  Everything came together beautifully and the pepperoni was my favourite part.  And where can you find afullsizerender-1n American-style pizza topped with fresh basil that you didn’t have to ask for? So generous!

Amy ordered a Calorosa (smoked mozz and a bunch of meats). “I like the meats. I enjoy eating campfires/wood, so I really liked the smoked cheese,” she said. Nicole (Capricciosa) said that her pizza had a great onion essence without too much onion. “I was vanquished by this pizza but I liked it.”

Thanks to the warm atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty za, and great company of our special guests, this was one of the most memorable pizza meetings so far. We rated it a combined 4.25, meaning it’s holding onto the  SPC’s top spot for New World style pizza in Seattle.



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