Pizzeria Credo (West Seattle)

There seems to be a mini migration over to West Seattle lately, and when I say migration I mean a whole two friends have moved there. Quite the exodus. One of our regular special guests, Shaun, is just getting settled into her new dream apartment, so to celebrate we gave her the honour of declaring a pizza meeting at the establishment of her choice. Obviously she chose Pizzeria Credo because she lives about a block away and no one has ever heard a bad thing about it.

A reservation for five was easy to acquire and before we knew it we had a new entry to the SPC Hall of fame.


Kerri was tempted by the calzone pizza (see our FAQ for how we feel about calzones), but listened to her heart this time and selected Margherita ($12). She was a very big fan of this pizza. She can’t tell if it’s as good as frontrunner Queen Margherita, but it comes pretty close. The crust was everything for her. It wasn’t very burnt, was soft, fluffy and good enough to not leave any behind. Everything else came together perfectly. She sampled a bit of my pie and found it super delicious as well. She was very happy there.


I’m on a bit of “I’ll just add proscuitto to this” kick lately so I ordered a margherita and obviously added meat ($12 +). This was a great pizza and I loved the sauce and crust but am still on Team Queen Margherita as the flavors here changed a bit when it cooled. I picked off a lot of the larger shavings of parmesan, and this gesture deeply offended my colleagues even though they happily ate my scraps. However, I definitely appreciated the generous and somewhat trim prosciutto. As usual I wanted more basil but the Credo sauce was still great enough where I didn’t notice.  This is a light pizza that will pleasantly fill you and allow you space for dessert. Kerri and I swapped slices but I think I liked mine better.


This pizza received a 4.25/ 5 meaning that it’s holding strong onto second place. 

We had three special guests tonight, including one gluten allergy. Katie called her Parma con Ouvo ($17) delicious. “I love all pizza with egg on it. It was perfectly cooked egg for a pizza,” she said. We were later educated that the pizza egg was cooked according to a new french method of egg cooking. Shaun opted for the Alla Sasa, which is half margherita pizza and half calzone. “I loved that it was half calzone, both fun and delicious. The dough really made it.”

Chyna found her Parma had a decent gluten free crust, but it wasn’t her favorite. “I was overwhelmed by the arugula, but at the end it was good because I had a pizza and a salad. The pepperoni was fantastic,” she said.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 4.15.55 PM.png

Where should our West Seattle pizza journeys take us next?



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