The Independent Pizzeria (Madison Park)

Well we have a map now that visually lays out all of the pizza we’ve eaten around the city. Of course it also shows us neighbourhoods that we’ve accidentally ignored (like Madison Park). So on Thursday before flying out to the east coast for about the 40th time this season, Kerri and her new haircut declared a meeting at The Independent Pizzeria located right on the waterfront. We met up with Charlotte, SPC’s original special guest, and dodged a 45 minute wait by opting to sit at the bar with a front row view of pizzas being born. The small restaurant has a lot of character and friendly staff.

But this could possibly be the most polarizing pizza so far on the Seattle quest so far! Kerri thought it was pretty middle of the road, while I thought it was among the best we’ve had.


Kerri said that her Norwalk (prosciutto+ arugula- $15) was good. She couldn’t identify anything specific to complain about but to her it was  just average. She found the crust was nice and not too burnt and that the sauce was tasty. The cheese was good, but she would have liked more. However, she thinks she may have made the wrong choice and should have followed her heart to pepperoni.

I listened to my heart and stuck with the Queen pizza (simply a margherita- $11) and I have lots of good things to say. As usual we all swapped some slices and I can confirm that I was the smartest person at this pizza party as far as ordering is concerned. I loved the thin crust that almost looked like a crepe on the bottom and that there were blobs of cheese but the whole thing was still covered in cheese. And somehow, that cheese ratio was perfect.  The sauce was delicious and my only complaint was that I wish there was more. For me, I need slightly more basil or more sauce on this pizza to achieve perfection.


Kerri’s 3.5 and my 4.5 evened out to us giving this pizza a combined average of 4 out of 5, meaning that it’s up there with many of our other favorites.

Guest reviewer Charlotte was somehow the only one of us who didn’t eat all of her pizza because she was guilted into sharing it with a husband at home. “The State Fair pizza (sausage, green peppers- $13) exceed my expectations. Because State Fair food is pretty shit, but this pizza is not,” she said.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 1.09.43 PM.png

We would say this is a great, fun spot for a girls’ night or date night. We loved that it was also a lot more affordable than similar pizzas we’ve tasted elsewhere in the city. It’s a neat neighbourhood to explore that you might not get to enjoy very often if you don’t live nearby.


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