Incendio: Vancouver, BC

On a Friday night on the road far up north, some colleagues decided to show off the best of the best in Vancouver pizza. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they arrived at the restaurant and found it to be closed for a private function. Luckily we were only a block away from Incendio, a Gastown spot that’s legendary enough for a man walking toward us to stop in the middle of the road when he heard our conversation and let us know how great Incendio pizza was and how great their pizza had always been.14369902_1843028209252787_1813656835373946103_n

We were seated right away and eventually selected our pizzas. Always being the American who has to custom build everything, I opted for a margherita plus proscuitto. The pizza was great when it landed hot at the table, but lost a bit of charm as it cooled down. I think I blame the cheese. As usual, I craved more sauce, but what was there was pretty good! The crust stood out being perfectly thin and fresh but still easy to pick up as a slice. This is probably somewhere between a 3 and a 3.5, but was still a slightly different style than what we’ve tasted in Seattle so far so is a little hard to judge.

Apologies for these photos. Kerri is better at them but she just wasn’t there.

Here’s what the Seattle Pizza Coalition’s special guests/ locals (does that make them special locals?) had to say:

“The crust to me was near perfect. I just feel the pepperoni could be better quality.” -Bob

“The Californian with the hot capocollo (plus garlic, sundried tomatoes, asiago,) was a strong bit well balanced pizza. I’m not a big crust fan so I ate the middle part but the crust was good. My charisma is a 5.” -Aaron

“Usually I go for more extravagant toppings. This is the blandest pizza I’ve ever had and very salty. Weak on sauce. I like springer cheese. Gabriels in Ottawa in better. it’s gooey pizza and the toppings are perfect.” -Natalie



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