Delancey: Revisited (Ballard)

Way back in the good old days (6 months ago) when Kerri and I first started eating dinner for a cause, it took us a few goes to get our ratings system ironed out. Because of this, we’re visiting a few of the first pizzerias we dined at again just to make sure we still believe our reviews and ensure they still hold up. After all, we now have about 25 Seattle pizza spots to compare them to. And needing to eat more pizza to “double check” is obviously a terribly difficult problem to have. First pizza sequel: Delancey.


When you ask someone about their favourite pizza in Seattle or Google something similar, Delancey is likely one of the most common topics to get brought up. We feared we might have judged it too harshly at a 3.5, so popped back on a Saturday night to double check. We showed up relatively early and the wait wasn’t too long, but we had enough time for cocktails next door before being seated.

Before long, Kerri’s pepperoni ($15) and my margherita ($14) hit the table to accompany our bottle of wine. We both agree that the sauce is good, and Kerri believes this is possibly one of the best pepperoni pizzas possible (she tried margherita the first time). However, we both still had trouble comparing it to other pizza stops because we find it straddles a line between American and Neapolitan.

After months of introspection, Kerri can now confirm that this pizza is in line with her favourites in Seattle. She finds that she loves it when she thinks of it as a pepperoni pizza, but doesn’t think it is the best Neapolitan she’s had. She strongly approves of the fresh mozzarella paired with the pepperoni and wishes all pizzas across the globe would stick to that combination. She found the crust to be good– thick enough to hold up to toppings and a manageable amount of burnt spots. She can’t find any complaints about this pizza, but she just craves others a little more often.

Looking back on my notes, they came with the disclaimer “Keep in mind we’ve had a lot of wine.” Here are my thoughts regardless: I stuck with margherita for tradition’s sake and I do agree that I love the sauce, but just wish I had more cheese to go with it. It’s also very flavourful while still being very fresh and I also enjoy that it tastes unique compared to other pizza spots that might all be blending together at this point. Plus, the crust holds up from tip to top. I have a hunch that the pizzas with more toppings might be the way to go here and be the ones that blow other people out of the water. Next time I’ll be trying the sausage instead of margherita.

Upon this second review, we decided it is in fact in line with some of our favorites, and our updated rating is a 4 out of 5. An official inductee into the SPC Hall of Fame.


Added bonus: thanks to cocktails + splitting a bottle of wine, we’re headed to Naples in April 2017 for the first Seattle Pizza Coalition overseas field trip.









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