Best Date Night Pizzas in Seattle

Well we missed the boat to post this before Valentine’s Day, but pizza is a sure way to anyone’s heart no matter the time of year. In no particular order, here are our top picks for the best date night pizza spots in Seattle.


Stoneburner in Ballard isn’t the best pizza in Seattle but as a swanky spot with decent pizza at a large pricetag, it’s a fun excuse to dress up, ask questions to a sommelier and look beautiful for passerbys while dining in the window. You’ll feel like you’re in a Romcom. The menu here covers more than just pizza, so it’s a good choice if you’re not sure if your date likes pizza or if you’re worried that they might feel like they have eaten too much pizza that week already. It’s a lovely spot for cocktails too! Make a reservation.

photo: Stoneburner


Chinapie is one of the newest stops on the pizza scene, so you’ll already score points with potential foodie dates. This restaurant has some pretty great pizzas for traditionalists and adventure pizza eaters plus some decent dumplings (not at the same time). It’s a fun spot to share some dishes that will inspire plenty of conversation topics. Plus, its Fremont location makes it convenient to a few other well known bars or even gelato spots for afterward.



Dinner at Delancey in the northern reaches of Ballard usually means you’ll be waiting for a table for a bit, so it might not be the best option for a first date in case it gets real awkward real quick. For people you know you’re comfortable holding a conversation with for a few hours, this pizza spot is pretty famous in the city and even stars in its own book! A date would be a perfect excuse to finally try it out. If the wait is long, the bar next door is attached to the restaurant for drinks to enjoy while you wait. The pizza here falls somewhere between American style and Neapolitan, and they have a great wine list. Helpful tip: order a pie with toppings, we think the pizzas beyond the margherita here are more worth it.


Queen Margherita

In case your date is Italian, has lived in Italy, has strong pizza opinions, or just really likes great food, we’d recommend Queen Margherita in Magnolia to really knock their socks off. This pizza is a little out of the way so it might not be the best pick for a first date if you don’t live nearby, but the drive or rideshare is worth it. It’s set in a little strip mall, but the ambiance inside doesn’t make you feel like that at all.  They have a great happy hour, and a pretty good wine list as well. The Queen Margherita pizza here with mozzarella DOC is usually the crowd pleaser, though all the pizzas are probably as close to Neapolitan perfection as you can ask for. Save room for dessert. They have plenty.

Note: It can be quite family friendly early in the evening, so might not have the same “Sex and the City” feel as Stoneburner.



Rocco’s in Belltown is the only pizza on this list that sells pizza by the slice so that might make everyone more comfortable on a first date when you don’t want to show each other how much pizza you can actually eat in one sitting. Plus, it means you don’t have to agree on one type of pie and realize all too soon that you might not be soul mates. The Belltown location makes it an easy spot to get to for a weeknight date, and we also think the cocktails here are pretty good as well. The lighting and ambiance give it a classy vibe that also makes you feel like you’re dining inside an Instagram.

photo: Roccos

Via Tribunali

For an easy option, Via Tribunali has pretty consistent pizzas in several locations throughout the city (Capitol Hill, Upper Queen Anne, Fremont to name a few). You’ll be sure to find one convenient to the both of you. The dim candle-lit spaces with high ceilings are pretty romantic, and the pizza’s not too shabby either. Has the usual Italian wine options that you’d find at other Neapolitan style pizzerias in the city.



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