Flying Squirrel Pizza Company (Maple Leaf)

After a few pizza postponements, we finally made it to our Friday Pizza meeting on a Monday at Flying Squirrel in Maple Leaf. With Kerri coming straight from the gym again and my first escape from the apartment after being sick for like two weeks, we found a casual spot that didn’t need us to look fancy. Flying Squirrel had been on my list for awhile, but because it’s not in the most exciting neighbourhood to take visitors to, we wanted to wait for a week when our special guests were locals who didn’t need us to sell Seattle’s charms to them.

Monday night at Flying Squirrel was surprisingly popular. The place wasn’t too full, but there were more people out for ‘za than we might have thought there would have been. Special guest and Seattle newbie Taylor joined us and we got to ordering 16 inch half pepperoni, half pepperoni pineapple and a small BBQ chicken without the chicken for Taylor. 13962577_1821041011451507_7490050828785644999_n

Overall, this was a good pizza. We both liked the cheese (it was like at birthday parties as a kid when it’s super stringy and hard to get your slice away from the pizza without a 2 ft pizza string) and crust, but the sauce was a bit too much for both of us.

13876664_1821041951451413_4074140234334076356_nKerri found the overall taste very fresh and the crust was fluffy and easy to chew (?). She loved the melty, gooey cheese. The sauce was a little too flavourful for her, but she only noticed when there was a break in cheese. She’s definitely eat this pizza again.

For me, this was a nice refreshing pizza that hit the spot after missing so many pizza opportunities recently. The crust was light, crisp and thin. Fighting with cheese strings is purely delightful and the rest of the cheese kept a good texture when cooled. I thought the toppings were good and always appreciate thin slices of pineapple. The sauce wasn’t my favourite and tasted more full of seasonings than I was expecting.

Flying Squirrel is a comforting, casual, affordable pizza (the regular fit two of us perfectly) and a nice space to enjoy it in. Combined with the service (and ice cream), we’d definitely come back again. We gave this pizza a 3 out of 5. Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.22.33 PM

“I appreciated the crust, and the balance of toppings, but I wish there was more BBQ sauce…because I really love BBQ sauce.” – Taylor Banks, guest commentator.



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