Christo’s Pizzeria and Restaurant: Salem, Oregon

We’re going to keep this short, because it’s probably not very likely you’ll find yourself in Salem, Oregon on a Friday simply desperate for pizza with your parents and a dog in tow.


Christo’s Pizzeria and Restaurant was a great choice for an “on the road” pizza after a long day in the car dealing with neverending traffic. The overall taste here was good, but the cheese had a bit of a texture that I don’t always love. I am pretty sure this place falls under the Greek category, but still came together a little nicer than I was expecting and I appreciated the surprise. It’s been a good two weeks for Greek pizza for me.

We sat outside with the dog so the pizza got cold pretty quick, but the inside of the restaurant is huge and it looks like it would keep your pizza warmer for longer and could be a pretty fun place later at night. I rate it a 3.

“This is a really good pizza. I like it.” – Dad




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